Stickies for Windows

Customizable sticky notes for your desktop

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Stickies for Windows lets you put yellow sticky notes on your Windows desktop, much like the popular MacOS application. It is very simple, very customizable, and completely free!


Every aspect of the user interface is customizable, from the note colors and fonts to the icon in the system tray.

You can customize every note on your desktop or change notes individually. You can even make your sticky notes semi-transparent!

Easy To Use

Your notes and settings are saved automatically, so your sticky notes will remain on your desktop if you restart your computer or restart the program.


Press Ctrl-Shift-N at any time to create a sticky note right under your mouse cursor. You can make sticky notes behave like normal windows, or you can make them remain "floating" above all of the windows on your desktop so they are always visible.


You can move notes by clicking and dragging anywhere on the note rather than clicking on the top of the window. You can double-click on the note to edit it.

Standards Compliant

Stickies conforms to Windows XP/Vista standards. This means that Stickies uses the proper file and registry locations to save settings, so it should work for any number of users in most any modern Windows environment.

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Stickies 3.0.7

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